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The abundance of people who want to break into the footwear industry from both within and beyond the boundaries of fashion is ever present; we are their guide through the process.  
After getting to know the local Los Angeles footwear manufacturers' and suppliers, and starting her career working in a California shoe factory, Kim worked with various Chinese factories to gain proper experience in both countries. She built the knowledge and contact base she needed to start her own custom shoe collection built right here in California and took it on the road to sell direct to customers. This experience opened freelance design opportunities for companies like Michael Antonio and Chinese Laundry.
Continued exploration of the consulting apparatus resulted in the brand you see before you today. We now have a series of associates in pr & product development, top notch photographers & graphic designers, shipping & duty experts, dozens of factories & agents overseas to help with negotiating and translations and of course the factories Kim holds close to her heart right here in Los Angeles.

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Small batch and hand crafted, making your products with our American factory network is the most hands on approach. Give yourself ultimate control and the highest quality. 


The best combination of small to mid size batches, ease of access and customization. Mexico is a great place to get your special project done at a reasonable price.


Biggest volume at the quickest speed with the lowest price; China is your place to get the biggest margins. Our network of trusted partners makes working in China safer & easier than going it alone.


Artisan quality with a long history of shoe making, Italy is the perfect location for all your high end needs. With limitless sourcing options the design possibilities are endless.